The waiting begins…

As some of you have noticed it has been awfully quiet on this blog. This normally means one of two things: Lack of interesting stuff to tell or lack of time to tell you interesting stuff! For me it’s definitely the latter one. I have been working hard to get my first iOS Game GalaxiTaxi out of the door. It is currently being in the review process by the guys from Apple and I hope it will release on the 1st of May as planned. It has been quite a ride doing a game completely on my own – but what a great experience it has been! I feel a bit exhausted but also anxious to know if this game will be successful – after all, it is some kind of child to me, which is released into the wild.

If you want to help me push it out of the door…

  • please link to this post
  • like the GalaxiTaxi’s Facebook page
  • tweet about it
  • talk to your friends/office buddies about GalaxiTaxi
  • comment freelySince I am an Indie developer I really can use all the help you can give! 🙂 Thanks in advance!
    See you tomorrow!
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