…6 days left

Hello again,

GalaxiTaxi is only 6 days left from its release on the AppStore. I will talk a bit about its gameplay today.

In GalaxiTaxi you control a small taxi which can hold a driver and only one passenger at a time. Since the future day aliens are very busy, they cannot be bothered to wait on trains or buses anymore. They need fast flying cabs to get to the next skyscraper, mall or work facility in due time. They pay well of course, but only if you manage not to bump into anything while transporting them at top speed. The more often you achieve this, the better your rating among your small alien customers will be. They will pay you up to 5 times the normal fare, if you prove to be the best. But the customers are not all that counts. The G.alactic T.axi A.uthorisation has put some stars into the landscape to challenge your cab flying abilities. If you collect all of them you will be rewarded one gold star. But for a three gold star rating you have to collect them all, transport every passenger in a level and set them down so softly that they didn’t even notice they have been transported – did I mention not to bump into anything while a passenger is on board? Getting three stars in every level will be a challenge.

That’s it for today – thanks for reading – and if you haven’t done already, tell people about this game, share this blog and like the GalaxiTaxi Facebook Page! Many thanks!

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