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From idea to game: the idea

On fairs and conventions I get asked quite often: “How do you come up with your ideas?”. Well, to be honest, they just pop up. The good thing is – it requires some training, but I think it can be learned by anybody. First thing: I open up! Ideas float around me and if I start to listen it is hard not to see them everywhere. I see ideas in movies, other games (obviously, isn’t it?), nature, people, hobbies, dreams, books, paintings, daily situations, the list goes on. I get inspired everyday – mostly because I love to see creativity everywhere. Inspiration comes to me at every corner and more often than I like at everyday places – like the shower, in the bed or on a walk. Why I don’t like this? Because sometimes I cannot shower, sleep or walk in calm, always ideas pop up and want to be written down.

Many game developers are very secretive about their ideas. But ideas are cheap – sorry to say that. Good ideas are what counts and ideas that are good and can be done are the only ones worth following. (That should not keep you from dreaming up your evil masterplan, though!) Whenever I have an idea, I sit back and think a minute or two about it. I chew it and spit it out on some piece of paper. I do not overdo it – I try to keep my idea tight. 1-3 lines should do the trick. A good idea takes time to grow. I never give in to its calling until I thought it thru. Meaning, I will think further about my idea, talking about it to my friends (sorry for that!) and making it more solid, before writing anything further down. This idea may stay with me (and anyone connected to me) for months and years to come so it better be something at least I am interested in seeing everyday.
Tomorrow I will continue about the two main methods of game developing.

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