Alexander “Barghest” Ommer

Stockumer Strasse 428
44227 Dortmund

2 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Christoph Kocher says:

    Love your game Galaxi Taxi. Unfortunately, I can’t get level 9 to unlock. I even replayed all levels 1-8 to have all passengers transported and all stars collected in each and every level. Still level 9 won’t unlock. Can you please check and fix this?

  2. manaconcept says:

    Hi Christoph,

    many thanks. I sent you an email with a suggestion on how to fix the problem by freeing some memory from your iPad (some apps seem to hog memory and that could lead to problems in GT). I tested the game with 10 people for a month and I played it through myself “a few times” – so it definitely worked here on an iPad1 and iPad3.
    Please let me know, if it is solved this way.

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