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Hi everybody,

yesterday my first iPad Game GalaxiTaxi has been released to the Apple AppStore! You can now buy it for $0.99 (0.79€)! I put a lot of hard work in it and would really like to hear your thoughts about the game. I will release a few more levels in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.

AppStore Link to GalaxiTaxi



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The final day!

Hello all! So this is the last day of waiting! For some lucky few the waiting will be over even sooner!

I will give away some free download codes for the people who share GalaxiTaxi to the most people until this evening!
(By which platform you share  is not important – be it Twitter, Facebook, Google+, word of mouth,  etc.)
Just send me an email (support@manaconcept.com) and tell me the number of people you shared this blog with!
(I absolutely trust you to be honest!)

The bonus on top of it is that you can play the game a day before everybody else in the world!
I hope you will like the game as much as I do and rate it accordingly in all the AppStores around the globe! Thanks for sharing and caring!
Your Alexander “Barghest” Ommer

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Only 2 days now!

Hi all! Thanks for your support so far – please keep sharing and liking this blog and the Facebook Site to increase awareness of my little game. Tomorrow there will be a chance for some of you to get some free codes for the game and also a teaser video with some gameplay in action. Have a great sunday!

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3 days to go…

Hi out there. Only 3 days left until GalaxiTaxi finally hits the AppStore. Today I am totally consumed by the preparations for the release party on May 1st and I only want to thank you all for the support I am getting! On Monday you will get a chance to win some codes for GalaxiTaxi. So stay tuned and keep spreading the word!

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GalaxiTaxi has been approved!

The final four days start with really, really good news as the little Calliphora (on the left) indicates by celebrating! Apple has approved GalaxiTaxi to the store and it is ready for sale at the 1st of May! Wow – and this before I even had some decent breakfast… 😉 Cheers everybody!

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5 days and counting…

Hi again,

the last 5 days until GalaxiTaxi will finally appear in the AppStore. Today I will tell you a bit about the galactic inhabitants or aliens as you may call them. There are currently 48 races populating the galaxy, which can all be seen in the game. From the snail-like Snoggs (like the guy on the left) to the strange Symbrains (the violet guy on top to the right) who induce knowlege to their mind controlled “victims” (the green guy). Some of them live on planets which are very strange compared to Earth – like Dasal, homeplanet of the Algeas, a pure saltwaterworld where the famous green “Space Bananas” are grown on top of the algae islands. Others like the beforementioned Symbrains have no homeplanet of their own, but live in every system as teachers in their well-known “Mind Academies” (Though nobody can really remember what happens inside).

The galaxy itself is divided by the six major fractions: Plantilles, Insectoids, Dark Worshippers, Democratic Order Of Many, Aquatuus and Furrians. These fractions are mostly peaceful, but major dislikes between some of them can even be witnessed when they compete over a place in your taxi…

Ok, that’s it for today – hope you are as excited as I am to see the whole game in action. See you tomorrow – and please don’t stop talking about this game and the FB site and keep sharing!

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…6 days left

Hello again,

GalaxiTaxi is only 6 days left from its release on the AppStore. I will talk a bit about its gameplay today.

In GalaxiTaxi you control a small taxi which can hold a driver and only one passenger at a time. Since the future day aliens are very busy, they cannot be bothered to wait on trains or buses anymore. They need fast flying cabs to get to the next skyscraper, mall or work facility in due time. They pay well of course, but only if you manage not to bump into anything while transporting them at top speed. The more often you achieve this, the better your rating among your small alien customers will be. They will pay you up to 5 times the normal fare, if you prove to be the best. But the customers are not all that counts. The G.alactic T.axi A.uthorisation has put some stars into the landscape to challenge your cab flying abilities. If you collect all of them you will be rewarded one gold star. But for a three gold star rating you have to collect them all, transport every passenger in a level and set them down so softly that they didn’t even notice they have been transported – did I mention not to bump into anything while a passenger is on board? Getting three stars in every level will be a challenge.

That’s it for today – thanks for reading – and if you haven’t done already, tell people about this game, share this blog and like the GalaxiTaxi Facebook Page! Many thanks!

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The waiting begins…

As some of you have noticed it has been awfully quiet on this blog. This normally means one of two things: Lack of interesting stuff to tell or lack of time to tell you interesting stuff! For me it’s definitely the latter one. I have been working hard to get my first iOS Game GalaxiTaxi out of the door. It is currently being in the review process by the guys from Apple and I hope it will release on the 1st of May as planned. It has been quite a ride doing a game completely on my own – but what a great experience it has been! I feel a bit exhausted but also anxious to know if this game will be successful – after all, it is some kind of child to me, which is released into the wild.

If you want to help me push it out of the door…

  • please link to this post
  • like the GalaxiTaxi’s Facebook page
  • tweet about it
  • talk to your friends/office buddies about GalaxiTaxi
  • comment freelySince I am an Indie developer I really can use all the help you can give! 🙂 Thanks in advance!
    See you tomorrow!
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Platform specific development

Whenever I develop for a new platform I try to see its weaknesses and strengths. Be it a gameboy, the Xbox, the iPhone or a PC or (insert your device here). The Xbox for example has a really good controller which is both precise and can be used from the couch. But since most xboxes are connected to all kinds of TVs I have to think about safety zones, PAL, non PAL, TV-resolution and so on, just to name a few problems. It is really important for me to “feel” and understand the device. Without that knowledge, I cannot develop successful games for that platform.

Every platform just does some things slightly different. This keeps it entertaining for both the developer and the player. As promised I will show a first picture of my current project GalaxiTaxi and describe the thoughts that came up with  the development on its specific platform . My idea is to release GalaxiTaxi for the iOS. This means I have to look into the iOS platform. There are currently some devices that fall under this platform. The best known is probably the iPhone4, but also iPhone3, iPhone3GS, iPhone4S, iPod4, iPad and iPad2 have to be considered. Each of these devices has slightly different screen resolutions, size, points per inch (ppi), processor power and some are even phones! Some of theses devices get carried around a lot and have players that have just a few minutes while waiting at the bus station and others are used by people lying down hours on a couch at home. But they all have a touch screen in common and the same market place (the “App Store”). From this point of view some decisions can be done:

  • The game should be easy to handle
    If the player is on a bus and the controls are getting unprecise because the bus shakes the player might blame it on the games controls.
  • The game should be understood in a very short amount of time
    If the player has only a few minutes he may not be interested in a complex learning curve
  • The game can get more complex over time
    If players are playing it at home they might not want to do the same things over and over
  • The game has to work on any resolution
    The “old” iPhone only has 320 x 480 at 163 ppi display size, while an iPad has 1024 x 768 at 132 ppi, and a iPhone4 960 × 640 at 326 ppi. This may greatly change the way the game looks on all devices. Either the game graphics are to be scaled or they have to be big enought to be clearly seen on a small device.
  • The game should be universally built
    This means a player who bought it for his phone and has a pad does probably not want to spend money again for each of his devices.
  • The save games/scores have to be accessible over all platforms
    The player might play the game on his phone on the way to work and later at home switch to another device for better visual quality.

For GalaxiTaxi I started developing mainly for the iPad. It has a reasonable resolution and from there I will scale everything as needed.

GalaxiTaxi on the iPad

Tomorrow I will talk about some of the development tools I use.