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The final day!

Hello all! So this is the last day of waiting! For some lucky few the waiting will be over even sooner!

I will give away some free download codes for the people who share GalaxiTaxi to the most people until this evening!
(By which platform you share  is not important Рbe it Twitter, Facebook, Google+, word of mouth,  etc.)
Just send me an email ( and tell me the number of people you shared this blog with!
(I absolutely trust you to be honest!)

The bonus on top of it is that you can play the game a day before everybody else in the world!
I hope you will like the game as much as I do and rate it accordingly in all the AppStores around the globe! Thanks for sharing and caring!
Your Alexander “Barghest” Ommer

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Only 2 days now!

Hi all! Thanks for your support so far – please keep sharing and liking this blog and the Facebook Site to increase awareness of my little game. Tomorrow there will be a chance for some of you to get some free codes for the game and also a teaser video with some gameplay in action. Have a great sunday!

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